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'Health and Fitness' is dedicated to all those who wants to have a better health for a better life. A fit body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind would in turn have a wealthy soul! So, the aim is to provide with information and guidance to achieve a healthy and wealthy body and soul. Keep Smiling, Keep Reading! Cheers :)

Australia now fattest country in the world

June 20th 2008 23:22
Chris Farley posing with ridiculous expression

Not the land, but the people.

We did it. We finally did it!

After years of hard work, of constant bacon 'n' egg rolls, sausage rolls, steak rolls and any other roll you might care to taste; neverending cascades of sticky date puddings with hefty dollops of cream, we finally did it.

Yahoo! news is celebrating with the news that Australia has finally surpassed the United States as the country with the highest proportion of obese people.

"The latest comprehensive obesity study has shown that 26 per cent of adult Australians - almost four million - are now obese, one million more than the last calculation in 1999.

The findings give Australia top spot as the world's most overweight nation, ahead of the notoriously super-sized Americans, who have a 25 per cent obesity rate."

It's just one percent, but it's one-percent that separates the winners (us) and the slender losers (the Americans). Ha ha! Ha!

Professor Simon Stewart, from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, gave the following hopeful words:

"As we send our athletes off to the Olympics let's reflect on the fact that we would win the gold medal now in the world fat Olympics if there was such a thing."

Yes! We can only hope! We'll start petitions, campaigning for the Olympic committee to add 'fattiness' to the selection of sports. Chalk up another gold medal for Australia! Who'll come a-Waltzin' Matlida with me? Give me a second to finish this cheeseburger, and I'll be right with you.
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34 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Damo

June 21st 2008 04:36
Sad reflection of the Plasma screen generation.

Comment by James Rickard

June 21st 2008 20:32
If it's English speaking countries, Great Britain and Canada ought to get a turn! *LOL*

Comment by Cibbuano

June 22nd 2008 23:48
damo, it's hard to believe... living in Sydney, people seem to be reasonably fit. Along the coast, people seem healthy as well.

James - Canada will try to catch up, I'm sure...

Comment by AllyCat

September 8th 2008 04:44
Wow, I've heard this before, that we are getting fatter and fatter, but I just cant see it. I travel frequently from the US to Aus and I have to say I see HUGE people everywhere, all over the place over there, but most people I see here do seem a lot thinner and healthier. All the obese must be in hiding somewhere

Comment by whitey

October 8th 2008 00:35
i thought saudi arabia was the fattest country....

Comment by Jordash the llama

January 15th 2009 12:47
we are so not the fattest country in the world, its a lie made up by some stupid American guy that actually knows that his country is the fattest country on the planet, so instead of blaming it on some awsome country that u guys are jealous of, think about telling Obama about how fat u guys are

Comment by Jordash the llama

January 15th 2009 13:11
if u guys dont beleive me, goto this website, Really Long Link
Its da truth so yeh, go the aussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by beautiful brit

January 26th 2009 21:35
Ha Ha Ha.Live with it You Fat Bastards!It probably comes from eating all those chips on your shoulders about the British.We looked after you for too long and now you're spoilt.Never mind ther's always the cricket,oh sorry you're crap at that now aswell.Ha Ha Ha!

Comment by Anonymous

February 2nd 2009 05:37
Jordash the llama - that information is from 2005 and earlier. Read the citations.

Comment by Anonymous

February 3rd 2009 12:58
Australian's are the fattest country. There are huge people. They just tend to stay in most of the time.

Comment by Anonymous

February 9th 2009 04:28
This article is completely inaccurate.

Really Long Link

Comment by Anonymous

February 9th 2009 04:29
This comment system screwed up the above link. Here's a TinyUrl Version of it:

Comment by Anonymous

March 8th 2009 02:10
Neither Australia or America are actually the fattest countries in the world.

Have a look at this link. It says that there are countries that are actually up to 95% obese.

Comment by Anonymous

March 23rd 2009 11:04
Not surprising that there the fattest how do they order there food with how they talk?? ''i want some fash and chaps please'' ''im going to sadny today'' yeah be proud of this aussie you certainly are not good at anything else rather then sitting on your fat behind ha ha ha

Comment by Anonymous

April 1st 2009 11:39

Comment by new zealand man

June 3rd 2009 07:47
[SIZE=7][SIZE=5]hi have to agree with the aussies on this one every one knows america is wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy yyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! fatter so in your face you fat shit ha ha ha ha ha

Comment by new zealand man

June 8th 2009 02:25
ha dont have any thing to say do you na didn't think so and by the way new zealand is the greatest country in the world so suck on that

Comment by Cibbuano

June 14th 2009 22:13
In all fairness, I think that the reason for Australia's rank of #2 is based on how Aussies measure up... someone suggested to me that the Aussie definition of 'obese' is actually much more stringent than that of the American standard... can anyone confirm this?

Comment by Anonymous

August 25th 2009 08:37
hahahahahahahahhahahaha suck on that Americans! But really, we;re getting a bit too close for comfort though... AHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Comment by Anonymous

August 25th 2009 08:57
Since my previous statement was deleted. The definition of "obese" used in the study was the same across the board. It doesn't use one country's definition over another. The fact is Australians are fat. Deal with it and get off your butts.

Comment by Anonymous

September 2nd 2009 14:37
Since you fat slobs in America can't be bothered to get off your fat ass and realise that the whole world KNOWS you are the fattest, look up the stats and you will see America is #1 fattest country in the world. Stop covering up YOU know it's true.

Comment by Anonymous

September 10th 2009 09:48

Comment by jessssicaaa

September 14th 2009 13:30
Thats not true. America is still the fattest. They are just a bigger country. Because we have less people it appears we are the fattest but they still surpass us by far!!

Comment by Anonymous

September 14th 2009 22:42
It has nothing to do with one country being larger (geographically) or a higher population. It's per capita, Really Long Link

or by a percentage of the population. Country A could have a population of 50 people and 25 of them are considered obese using BMI (Body Mass Index). Then 50% of Country A's population are obese.

While Country B has a population of 100 people and 25 of them are considered obese using BMI (Body Mass Index). Then 25% of Country B's population are obese.

Per capita Country A is more obese than Country B because a higher percentage of Country A's population are obese when the two are compared.

Using BMI is not the best way to measure a country's obesity, as it does not take into account muscle mass only a person's height:weight ratio.

And stating that you have been to a country and "everyone there is soooooooo fat..." is a pretty ignorant comment. You have probably only been to a TOURIST area of that country and not really seen much of it. It also leads to the possibility that many of the individuals you're seeing are from another country. It may also mean that you're just a fatty and were looking at the mirror of your hotel room. Because as the study showed, Australians=Fatasses

Comment by Anonymous

October 18th 2009 19:03
no way are they!

Comment by Anonymous

October 23rd 2009 06:15
lmao all this shit no one can really say what country is the fattest like common. You can take however many people and study them but the next group of people you take will be totally different .. if this is the case you gotta test every single person if you really wanna name them the fattest

Comment by Proud aussie fuck heads!

December 5th 2009 23:26
OmG shut the fuck up all you fuck head people out there, who are paying us out,as a matter of fact, over here your either obese or fuck skinny, or maybe a bit in between so go wank ya self if your gonna dis our amazing country!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

February 23rd 2010 03:55
I have seen no evidence to indicate either America or Australia as top #1 fattest country, every report I see indicates that America only just makes top 10, and Australia isn't even in the top 20, I have yet to see the study that shows these results of Australia being the fattest country in the world, and until I do, I won't judge either way, however, living in Australia, I do find it hard to believe

Comment by Anonymous

February 23rd 2010 14:07
@ previous comment.
There is a report posted earlier (January 15th 2009 13:11) by the llama. It shows the US in top.

@everyone that feels confused by the different lists: Before going nuts, just try to differ between over-weight (BMI>25) and Obese (BMI>30).

It seems that the US has the highest percentage of Obese people at this time.

- And I'd like to see a graph over the actual tonnage of fat carried around by people in each nation. I guess US would be outstanding number 1 in that case, since there are so many of them as well...

Comment by Anonymous

April 21st 2010 22:02
If you look up "the world's healthiest countries" Australia is almost always on one of the lists

Comment by Anonymous

June 3rd 2010 07:56
Actually the study is completely flawed. BMI is a terrible formular for measuring obesity and it's so out dated.
Do you know according to BMI the following celebrities will be considered over weight?
Hugh Jackman BMI of 28
Richard Gere BMI of 27
George W Bush BMI 26
Matt Damon BMI of 26
Johnny Depp BMI 27

Others include Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, Bradd Pitt.

The following are considered Obese, Matt La Blanc, Mel Gibson,

If you dont believe me go run the numbers yourself... you can google any stars name, punch in height and weight and see what you get.

Why is this? it's height and muscle mass. A person who is 160cm should weight between 46 - 64 kg. where as a person a whole 30cm taller should weight 65kg to 90kg... try telling this to someone who is 190cm tall.

I myself am 183cm and a lean 94kg... and i am considered obese! by the way I am a personal trainer! so don't get caught up in this crap. It's an outdated and stupid measurment tool.

Comment by Anonymous

July 2nd 2010 05:58
I can't believe people buy into this shit lol... BMI is a horrible, HORRIBLE way to measure ones weight! I'm 181cm tall and weight 78kg and I'm considered "normal", my best mate on the other hand is 186cm tall and weighs about 105kg and is considered "obese"... He goes to the gym EVERYday, plays basketball and is hardly ever just sitting around on his ass...Tell me how anyone think this is accurate!?! ><

Comment by Anonymous

December 3rd 2010 22:59
this is actually not at all correct the percentage of Aussies that are overweight adults is more like 70% and Americans is up around 90%

also a new report has shown that the number of obese Australians is actually dropping because of new education in schools and we had a new law passed that food on the menu must have the kilojoule intake clearly displayed next to it

a survey was taken after this law and 80% (300 overweight people were surveyed) of the overweight people they surveyed said that "they had no idea how bad this food was for them"

Comment by Anonymous

May 10th 2011 08:40
That's not true, Australia is the 21st fattest country in the world.
By comparison, America is 9th

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